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Finding out your true self will bring clarity, balance, and peace to your life. The coaching, online programs, and material on this website are going to allow you to go from your current place in the world to your desired place in the world.
The answers you have been searching for at the time and budget that you currently have.


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The Mission Of A Man

Growing up as a young boy James was hit very hard with bullying, loneliness, a lack of confidence, feeling lost. He is and always will be incredibly grateful for all of the pain he went through. Taking responsibility changed his life and taking responsibility will change your life also.

What People Say About James

Emily Waddill

I honestly can’t put into words the relationship/energy I get from James. It is a supernatural power that lies with in this man. His honesty, transparency, intuitive feedback, his ability to connect to the core issues/topics you are needing help with...happens within seconds of your call starting. This man has an anointing and a true Calling on his life to help the collective ascend! 🔥

Gem Louise

I have known james for a while now and he is life changing. He has a deep understanding with people and he has a good heart, he also has a lot of time and care for people which shows how genuine he really is. If you want someone to help you on the right path with great knowledge, time and care then James is the man to see

Amanda Franka

In six months of back and forth, I have learned to love me beyond measures. James Malins is a true, honest, and vibrant person. His guidance has put me to heights I could never imagine. Love this mans soul. A true spiritual being

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Start by looking within.
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